Quantos dias Quantas noites

A production

Maria Farinha Filmes


Directed by Cacau Rhoden

From the producers of Aruanas and The Beginning of Life


Studies say the person who will live 150 years has already been born. But what are we actually doing with this opportunity? "Many Days, Many Nights," a new documentary by Maria Farinha Filmes ("Aruanas," "The Beginning of Life") directed by Cacau Rhoden ("Not Even in a Wildest Dream," "Drops of Joy"), takes a deep dive into the purposes of our existence on the planet. Experts and thinkers invite us to look at the opportunities and inequalities of the theme, as well as our own connection with time and age. Featuring Alexandre Kalache, Sueli Carneiro, Ana Claudia Arantes, Mona Rikumbi, Ana Michelle Soares, Tom Almeida, Mórris Litvák and Alexandre Silva, the film shines a light on an essential question in our century: the longevity revolution has already begun, and it has come to transform the future of all generations.

A production Maria Farinha Filmes

Idea by Marta Pipponzi

Edited by André Finotti

Additional editing by Keily J. Estrada, Natara Ney, Mariana Moraes

Cinematography by Vitor Amati

Original Soundtrack Conrado Goys

Executive producers Flavia Doria, Geisa França, Mariana Mecchi, Taís Caetano

Produced by Ana Lúcia Villela, Estela Renner, Luana Lobo, Marcos Nisti, Mariana Oliva

Written and directed Cacau Rhoden

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Alexandre Kalache

Ageing is the most important issue of the century”

Alexandre Kalache, Alexandre Kalache, Gerontologist, President of the International Longevity Centre - Brazil

Sueli Carneiro

How can we talk about longevity in this context? The main right we have under threat is the right to life.”

Sueli Carneiro, Philosopher, Ph.D. in Education from USP, Executive Coordinator of Geledés

Alexandre Silva

We've worked so hard to live longer. But is it living longer or living with quality?”

Alexandre Silva, Leader of Comunidade Compasssiva

Dra. Ana Claudia Quintana Arantes

They say that the human who will live 150 years is already among us. But how and where will he live?”

Dra. Ana Claudia Quintana Arantes, Geriatrician and Author

Tom Almeida

We are talking about the most sacred thing: love, the connections between people.”

Tom Almeida, Founder of the inFINITO movement

Ana Michelle Soares

How long is a lifetime? Is it related to chronological time?”

Ana Michelle Soares, Palliative care activist

Mona Rikumbi

We resist out of sheer stubbornness, stubbornness, stubbornness to live.”

Mona Rikumbi, Actress and choreographer

Mórris Litvak

Many companies have been working on this issue of diversity and inclusion for a long time, but they are all young.”

Mórris Litvak, Creator of Maturi Platform